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The Bleeding Eyelids enter the Quarter-Final round after a somewhat successful, yet injury-filled season. 

Next 2 games in...


The Bleeding Eyelids won 6-3 on Tuesday night in a rare DDO game. The Lids started down a player from 2 lines and ended up down 2 more by the end of the 1st period.

With only 2 available players on the bench, the team took the lead and held it for the win.

The Bleeding Eyelids tied 5-5 on Tuesday night in a wild one.

The Bleeding Eyelids won game 1 of their 2014 season 4-1 in the S-division... but they may be in another division before their second game.

Lids 2k14 to begin this week.
The Bleeding Eyelids will start their 14th season with a few new faces and a new division to play in... S.

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The Bleeding Eyelids bowed out of the playoffs, losing 2-1 to Zebda on Tuesday night. 

This ends year 13 of the Bleeding Eyelids' futile attempt to win a championship. 

We'll win next year... really... we will!

The Bleeding Eyelids are 3-2-3 with 5 games remaining.  The battle for 5th place will occur Tuesday night vs. the Red Knights.

The Bleeding Eyelids are 2-0-1 and I'm too lazy to update this right now. Stats will be up soon enough. 

The Bleeding Eyelids begin year 13 of futility on May 7th. 


Dun Dun Dun Dunnn... Fwahhhhh....
The Bleeding Eyelids lost their Quarter-Final game vs the Kryps 3-2 (as per tradition). 

After and interesting start with Ian playing about 4 minutes in goal, and TJ leaving at the end of the 1st, the Lids figured things out and got 2 goals in the last 7 minutes to tie it up at 2-2. Unfortunately, OT was not in their future as they were stuck in their end for a good 25 seconds before allowing the winning goal with roughly 10 seconds remaining in the game.

Steve got the team MVP award from AJ, and we got great news because next year we won't have to play so many late games (thanks for quitting your job Steve!).

Lids 2013 will start in May.

The Bleeding Eyelids took the week off with a 3-0 default win vs. no-show The Mob.

The Bleeding Eyelids lost yet again on Tuesday night. With only 1 goal, there was little chance of them having any sort of positive outcome. A 7-1 blowout was the final.

The last game of the season will be against The Mob. The Lids beat them earlier this season 5-2.

The Bleeding Eyelids lost 6-1 on Tuesday night. The only silver lining was a buzzer-beater goal by TJ to break the shutout.

Going into the last 2 games of the season, the Lids are scheduled to play against the two worst teams in the league. Hopefully this will get the team on a winning track heading into the playoffs.

The Bleeding Eyelids won 2-0 vs the Pirates. This is the 3rd shutout for the team this year.

The Bleeding Eyelids lost 3-2 on Tuesday night to the Kryps. A comeback was in the plans with the Lids scoring both goals in the last 6 minutes of the game.

The Bleeding Eyelids won a second straight game with a Steve-tastic 3-0 shutout.

Game notes:
-TJ is fast.
-Steve survived 29 shots.
-Tom's advice was followed and Rob shot for the open space.

The Bleeding Eyelids stunned the ball-hockey world with a 10-1 mercy-rule win over H2O.

The Bleeding Eyelids lost their last two games 5-1, and 5-3. 


The Bleeding Eyelids won the second game of the season 2-0 against the Frenchies. Since Steve can't get a job that has regular hours, Jeff (a.k.a. Gigantor) stepped in and stopped all 21 shots he faced. 

Notable plays include Ian B's sitting scissor-legs stop and Tom's dive & shoot technique for the first goal.

Some calls were quite terrible*

*terribleTM -Ian B

The Bleeding Eyelids lost their first game of the season in style with an 8-2 loss to the Pirates. Someone who shall remain nameless was a -7.

Highlights include Mike's 2 goals, Marc with an assist and a +/- of 0, and Tom managing a +1.

LIDS 2012
The Bleeding Eyelids will start their season on Tuesday May 8th at DDO. Game time vs. the Pirates is 9:30.

Playoff Loss

The Lids lost in their Quarter-Final game 3-0

12 down, 1 to go!!!

The Bleeding Eyelids won their third straight game in decisive fashion by beating the Mouettes 6-1.

Leading the offensive charge was the line of Pat M, Ian S, and Dave... so the two new guys and a sub. Leading the way in injuries was Marc with a dandy of a gash above his right eye. 

Tuesday is our final regular season game and may help put the Lids in a good position for the playoffs.

Finally... an update 2!

The Bleeding Eyelids won their second straight game to clinch a playoff spot. The Lids wounded have now all returned, yet leading the attack was "sub" Jeff with both goals in a 2-0 game.

Next up is a Monday night rematch of the season opener followed by Tuesday night's season finale. Playoff schedule will be posted as soon as it is released.

Finally... an update!

The Bleeding Eyelids made their greatest comeback in team history when they overcame being down 5-3 with 2:30 left in the game and won 6-5!!!

A Hat-trick by Jay, a beautiful deflection goal by Marc to take the lead with 21 seconds left, and a desperation save by Steve in the dying seconds of the game were among the highlights a fan in the stands (cheering on the other team of course) got to witness.

Lids tie game 5

The Bleeding Eyelids tied Uni Pro 2-2 on Tuesday night.

The Lids were short a couple of regulars with Steve listening to the Back Street Boys CD in his car, Jay trying to make sure alien eggs don't hatch in his ankle, and Ian out for a legitimate reason.

Gigantor (Jeff) filled in for Steve and stopped 16 of 18 shots, while the Lids played a desperate second half scoring both of their goals in about 10 minutes.

Lids get back into the W column

The Bleeding Eyelids beat Jack Sparrow and his Pirates 3-2 on Tuesday night.

Leading the offensive push was Ian S with a pair of goals, one of which rattled off some iron before squeaking in the top corner. Steve once again did some great work in nets with a key "save" at the end of each period. Rob showed off his break-dancing while Pat and Ian B just broke.

Next week the Lids will be making appointments to get tires rotated so that they will face a reduced Uni Pro team

A Loss For Game Three

The Bleeding Eyelids lost to the Black Aces 4-1. Nothing much to say... 

A Tie For Game Two

The Bleeding Eyelids tied the Black Dragons 0-0 in a defensively minded game. It could also have been called a non-offensively minded game. In short, Steve got a shut-out and the Lids remain unbeaten after 2 games.

Season starts with a W!

The Bleeding Eyelids won their first game of the 2011 season 2-1 against the Mouettes

Season starts on May 10th!!!

Most years, May 10th has special meaning to many of the Lids. Usually it celebrates what was the end of a school year and an attempt to put a buffet out of business. In recent years, it's really just a great excuse to get people together and eat a lot of food. Also, some Matt guy has a birthday as well, but he's never around to celebrate it with us.

This year, the evening of May 10th will not be spent chowing down on some General Tao. Instead, it will take place at an arena playing the opening game of the Bleeding Eyelids 11th season.

FEB 2011-Lids lose some veterans, gain some new & old faces.

The Bleeding Eyelids are getting ready for the 2011 MBHL season... where'd the "D" go? Someone must have stolen it and is holding it ransom for an extra $30 per game.

Out are Jeff (wants to be like Gregg), and Dave (wants to be a good dad to his kids). In are Rich ('cause he steals money), Ian S (who, like bro Steve, probably admires the Back Street Boys), and another Pat (because our original one is getting old and cranky and may have to be put down).

Since Dave, our best goal-scorer of recent years is out as a regular, who will pick up the slack? The old "Tall" line can't, since Jeff will likely be in Boston. Only time will tell.
2014 Bleeding Eyelids Schedule

Record: 7W-4L-2T - 16pts
Last 5: 3W-2L-0T

Lids Schedule

Lids History...
2001 season: 2-9-2-6 (.231)
2002 season: 1-7-5-7 (.269)
2003 season: 3-9-1-7 (.269)+ Semi-Finalist
2004 season: 4-5-4-12 (.462) + Quarter-Finalist
2005 season: 5-5-3-13 (.500) + Quarter-Finalist
2006 season: 9-1-3-21 (.808) + Semi-Finalist
2007 season: 4-7-2-10 (.385) + Quarter-Finalist
2008 season: 4-9-0-8 (.308) + Semi-Finalist
2009 season: 8-3-2-18 (.692) + Quarter-Finalist
2010 season: 6-7-0-12 (.462) + Semi-Finalist
2011 season: 5-6-2-12 (.462) + Quarter-Finalist
2012 season: 6-7-0-12 (.462) + Quarter-Finalist
2013 season: 5-5-3-13 (.500) + Quarter-Finalist
2014 season: 7-4-2-16 (.615) + ???

Overall Record (13 seasons): 69-84-29 (.459)
Last 5 seasons: 29-29-7 (.500)

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 2014 Stat Leaders

Points: Shane 24
Goals: Shane 12
Assists: Shane 12
PIM: Andrew 14


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Bleeding Eyelids "Bears" 2014

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